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Rockstead Knives produce some of the best knives in the world due to their outstanding choice of quality materials, their cutting edge manufacturing techniques and processes as well as their attention to detail in regards to the fit and finish of the knives they produce. These knifes features phenomenally smooth action, resulting from phosphor-bronze washers and tight tolerances. The knives have dual thumb studs on the blades to aid in easy, ambidextrous one-handed opening/closing.

Rockstead knives are known for their phenomenal sharpness and boast producing the world’s sharpest knives. They are able to achieve this with their Honzukuri/Hamaguri (convex) edge grinds and Shinogizukuri (tanto) grinds, which allow for having a thick blade without sacrificing any sharpness. The polishing process takes the knives from #400 grit, then #800, #1200, and finally to #2000 grit before final buffing to achieve that gorgeous mirror polish. This ensures an edge that is mind-blowingly sharp and one that will stand up to rigorous use while maintaining and edge that will last for quite a while.

Rockstead Knives are all individually numbered and come with a wood presentation box, microfiber cloth, warranty information and Certification of Authenticity specific to each individual knife.

The TEI-ZDP is a flagship knife of Rockstead’s folding knife series. The blade is convex on both sides in the tradition of the highly praised Japanese sword. This shape is both sharp and strong, and can still slice cleanly through a sheet of paper even after 1.000 cuts through a hemp rope. The dual convex surface of this blade gives an amazing sharpness to the knife. As to the characteristics of the blade, this knife has a blade angle of 30 degrees near the half, and 24 degrees near the tip with one continuous, gradually reducing angle connecting them. Please enjoy the different feeling to the way it cuts.
This dual convex blade shape is called HONZUKURI. The sharpness of this knife is supreme though it is unsuitable for rough use.

  • Overall Length: 8.39″
  • Blade Length: 3.66″
  • Blade Material: ZDP189 (clad in VG-10) (HRc 67 – APPROXIMATE)
  • Blade Finish: Mirror-Polished
  • Handle Material: A6063 Aluminum with Black Hard-Anodized coating with Black Stingray inlays
  • Lock Mechanism: Steel Tab-Lock
  • Pocket Clip: Steel (Right-Hand, Tip-Up)
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces